WARNING: The Dangers of Third Eye Meditations

The Dangers of Third Eye Meditation

Third Eye chakra meditation

Can Third Eye Chakra Meditation be Dangerous?

Note: BinauralHealing.com is about the truth and what kind of people would we be if we didn’t share all opinions about Third Eye Chakra Meditation. It is from a skeptics point of view, so you must take all the information about Third Eye Chakra meditaion and decide for yourself.

This does not mean that Binaural Beats, Monaural Beats or Isochronic Tones or any sound therapy is dangerous. This is just a warning about certain Third Eye Chakra Meditation techniques.

Here is the video and below is the transcript if you just want to read it instead.

Third Eye Meditation (The sixth Chakra)

The Dangers Thereof

Third Eye Chakra meditation is quite common within the New Age thought movement in addition to various spiritual practices. Also are quite common in psychic work, it supposedly to open up one’s ability to be clairvoyant and to see things.

However in analysis of this technique or tactic, it is actually more designed as a means:

  • To stop ones critical thinking skills
  • Take down ones ego defenses
  • Place one in a receptive state
  • Make them open to suggestion, indoctrination and programming

I should remind people very clearly that the Pineal Gland, even though people want to believe it is part of the Third Eye, is actually a gland that is light sensitive and it is known to be partially responsible for maintain control of our circadian rhythm clock amongst other things.

However it is not a sensory organ but it is a gland. Therefore as such it does not possess the nerve dynamics that your eyes, ears or any other sensory organ possesses.

I suspect that when people start to manipulate this that they are actually start to experience perceptual distortions and perhaps even hallucinations and illusions. What they are seeing are not real spiritual things but aspects within their own psyche or subconscious that may not very well be real.

As a result of analyzing these things I do recommend a Third Eye Meditation to anybody. This does not mean that I am opposed to the development of a focus or a focused meditation because I believe that that tactic or technique is a very useful one and not only helps one rest but helps us develop healthy levels of focus within the mind and brain.

  • It balances mood
  • Increases comprehension
  • Helps pneumonic ability
  • Reduces blood pressure

It does not suppress natural thought; it just merely puts things in a still quiet mode that is normal, natural and healthy for the mind to go into.

I suspect that’s what the true Third Eye meditation is about because in that quiet state one’s insight, awareness and understanding start to increase normally and naturally.

Once again, if you are utilizing a various Third Eye technique that focuses in on the physical center of the head, I recommend that you discontinue it immediately. I think that these techniques and tactics are highly dangerous, both to one’s mental health and also to your brain chemistry. They have their origins in cult philosophies; they are used by mind control leaders and it is very clearly utilized as a tactic to stop one from developing and utilizing their critical thinking skills, it takes down one’s ego defenses and produces a whole host of problems.

Read About Popular Sound Therapy for Third Eye Chakra Meditation

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8 Responses to WARNING: The Dangers of Third Eye Meditations

  1. Thirdboy says:

    I don’t agree with this guy about third eye meditation. or third eye balancing. whatever you want to call it. Third eye meditation is important and i was very useful with my ju-jitsu training. I love it.
    The danger about third eye chakra meditation is for the weak.

  2. mcall says:

    Hey Thirdeye boy
    There can be some danger to third eye meditation, I agree with what he says about cult leaders using it to control their victims. Third eye chakra meditation is powerful and not to be taken lightly. I love despite the danger.

  3. Messenger says:

    There are pros and cons to just about everything. Everyones experience is unique to their current state of mind. The truth is also different to everyone, but there is however one universal truth. We are energy, beings of light, who for generations have supressed our natural “third eye” abilities. The third eye is the gateway to our energy source, our “true” form. Our culture has almost completely closed the window of light, leaving us trapped in our physical form, our cage in which we are constantly exposed to negative energies with no way of replenishing our energy pool. Not replenishing our spiritual energy is detrimental to our “being” it is comparable to not feeding our physical bodies. In today’s society, we need meditation, inner self reflection more than ever. With all the corruption and negativity surrounding us, if we do nothing to stimulate and protect our spiritual selves, we will truly be lost, locked in a cage forever.

  4. I agree with you Messenger. I see both sides clearly. To the owner of this post/site, I would like to say that for too long, man has allowed his critical analytical ego mind to lead. This part of the brain/mind has it’s place, but it is time for humanity to allow the intuitive Heartmind to lead. I would not recommend to any one who is not spiritually “awake” to pry open the 3rd eye. It requires conscious awareness, spiritual awareness. In that sense, it would be irresponsible and foolhardy to “pry” the 3rd eye open.
    For too long…. we have shut down our inner knowing. Let each be their own judge of what is good for the Self. The ego/analytical mind has it’s place, but it is not to be allowed to lead. It is a tool for organising the practicalities of every day living. Ego seeks to be validated all the time and is always questioning and full of sabotaging doubts. The inner mind/self already knows. I encourage all to go forward with the Heartmind, in peace and Love for the highest knowing and good of one’s self and All.
    Peace and Love dear brothers and sisters.
    To the person who owns this site, blessings to you ((( O )))

  5. Dreamer says:

    Well if opening the third eye really brain washes you then we certainly have two candidates right there. *points up at Kass and Messenger*

  6. Prometheus says:

    Sure it feels all great and stuff, but u are technically gettin high off ur own brain chemicals. If u think about it, none of the other chakras are glands, just parts or organs of ur body where u are supposed to be focusing your energy. When u focus on the third eye though, u are actually havin melatonin or DMT excuding from it, which is the chemical for putting things to sleep and dream.

    Now I do believe there is a certain way to meditate on the third eye, but using actual energy which is learnt from using and experience from the other chakra’s.

    @ third boy: If u wanna thinkin using the third eye is gunna make strong…wrong idea, u will most likely go schizophrenic over pro-longed exposure. If you smoke weed, it will definitely accelerate the problem much more faster. Dont believe me, take a look at heavens gate, or the new age folk, that are called the universe people. They think using DMT or Melatonin is actual energy, but just chemical released from the brains.

    Better stop using, or you will hang yourself.

  7. misc says:

    Thirdeye meditation will not brainwash you! wow , what a simple response to this warning article.
    individuals should always be aware of their personal goals.
    Meditating, like watching TV will slow brainwaves to the “alpha state” which is also what happens when you are hypnotized. only very specific conditioning can cause “brainwashing” or stop ones critical thinking skills, Take down ones ego defenses, Place one in a receptive state, Make them open to suggestion, indoctrination and programming. Watching the same TV programs night after night will cause more indoctrination than meditating ever could.
    Strengthen Your Mind with Meditation. Exercise the Third Eye and learn about your true core self, you are a light.

  8. NotSayingMyName says:

    Quite a few people trying to scare others here. We learn from experiences, if you find yourself vulnerable to mind control or schizophrenia, experience will likely tell you to quit early. Prometheus they’re called spiritual beliefs, not drug-induced programming.

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