Increase Your IQ Scores and IQ Tests

Increase Your IQ Scores and IQ Tests

Using Brainwave Entrainment Known as Binaural Beats

 Use Binaural Beats to Increase IQ

How to Increase IQ Scores with Brainwave Entrainment

In the past it has been thought that a person’s intelligence level remained the same throughout their lifetime and that their IQ would therefore remain static also. Nowadays this traditional thinking is being questioned. It is thought that mental exercises helps with mental “fitness” and experimental neurotropic or “smart drugs” are also thought to potentially increase intelligence by increasing blood flow to stimulate parts of the brain and so on. Another technique used in an attempt to improve brain function is the use of sound (and sometimes light as well) to influence certain types of brain wave patterns. This is called brainwave entrainment. Listening to certain binaural beats are supposed to stimulate the beta brain wave pattern that is optimal for learning and concentration, thereby improving IQ.

Steps to Improve I.Q.

  1. Download (or buy a CD with) a binaural beat program that encourages beta brain waves. These audio tracks play sounds at different tempos into each ear creating a low frequency beat that allegedly encourages your brainwaves to fall into the beta brainwave pattern (in this case) that you want. Many of these programs you will have to pay for, if you quality recordings made by professionals but you can find amateur versions for free. Get a Professional I.Q. Program
  2. Lie in a comfortable place and listen to your downloaded MP3 or CD through headphones. This is important as binaural beats use a different sound in each ear. Also you need to completely concentrate your brain on the sounds and eliminate outside noise.
  3. While your brain is in its optimal state for learning after listening to your binaural beat program, perform the mental tasks that you would like to improve.

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One Response to Increase Your IQ Scores and IQ Tests

  1. Missy says:

    I am going to use these binaural beats for increasing my IQ. I’ve tried other things but they don’t seem to be working. So its time for a leap of faith and increase my IQ with brainwave entrainment. This stuff works for other self improvement, why not increasing my IQ scores?

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