ESP and Psychic Exercises for the Development of Skills

Simple Exercises for Psychic Development

Brainwave Entrainment for Psychic Development

Follow these simple exersizes to help you develop Psychic Abilities

1. Get out a deck of cards

2. Remove all the face cards, 10’s, and aces. There should be 20 cards, 4 K’s, Q’s, J’s, A’s, and 10‘s.

3. Shuffle up the cards, and lay them face down separately on the table.

 Before you predict the card:

4. Take some time for meditation to release your conscious mind.

5. Listen to an Brainwave Entrainment for Psychic Development recordings during meditation to quiet your busy mind. 

6. Now that you are in the right state of mind, touch one of the cards and ask the question.  “Which card is in front of me?”

7. Let your mind go and allow the vision of the cards to enter in. Don’t expect a vivid picture of a particular card. But perhaps if the card is a queen you might see a flower. A flower is a feminine object, so the card must be a Queen. If the card is a king you might see a vision of an actual King.

In conclusion:

 The key here is not to force any thoughts into your mind. Don’t try to picture an exact image out of 5 choices, but to allow the energy around you to present the answer to your mind in a natural symbolic way.

 After your first attempt, put the card back into the deck and reshuffle them. The odds are you will be successful 20% with every draw, and keep track of your progress over a long period of time. The goal here is to see an upward percentage over time. After 30 to 60 days check all of your results together, do not look for change in results everyday.

 Also, only try to predict 4 to 5 cards a day. This is a case where too much practice can lock up your mind and cloud the results. It is more important to alter your state of mind so spend your time meditating and listening to Brainwave Entrainment as mentioned earlier.

 Take your time when predicting. Don’t rush your thoughts and allow your mind to tap in and divine the answer on its own. It can literally take up to 20 minutes per guess. After time you will start to recognize the signals then speed and accuracy will soon then follow.

 After each prediction, you should wait a few minutes. Maybe listen to the ESP recordings for that time to give your mind a chance to clear then and start the predicting process over again. All these techniques are new to your mind, and your brain will need to adjust to this new way of thinking. Eventually you will understand how to control the inward and outward thought process.

 Good Luck and Let me know what happens.

I will post your story on whether it is good or bad. I just need the truth. Thanks for reading

Download Brainwave Entrainment for Psychic Development

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7 Responses to ESP and Psychic Exercises for the Development of Skills

  1. Marjane says:

    There is a great workshop. Email me if you want to know more. Here is some info…

    Foundations in Psychic Development – Boundaries & Flow
    Each of us has a bubble of spiritual energy surrounding us called the aura. Learning how to be aware of, and how to transform our aura transforms our love and life experiences. While the exploration and healing of the aura is an incredible adventure that can fill a lifetime, the basic system can be learned the first day.

    In Day One of the seminar, every exercise furthers the development of at least one of the two basic abilities: finding one’s own psychic energy (one’s own authentic impulses); and clearing blocks to further progress. Students not only learn the theoretical constructs, they practice the actual skills. They learn how to ground and run energy, how to clear blocks, several ways to recognize and clear psychic enmeshment, and how to find, clear and repair the chakras.

    Day Two introduces and explores deeply the layers of the aura. With the chakras (covered in Day One), the student activates and empowers his or her psychic abilities. With the layers we refine, clarify, and deepen those abilities. This leads naturally to learning to give professional quality psychic readings (our 3rd Level seminar), ever deeper self understanding, healing, skill in relationships, and authenticity. This class carries the student well on the way to developing the advanced skills of opening clairvoyance and reading auras.

  2. Marjane says:

    Here is part 2…

    Foundations in Psychic Development II: The Clairvoyant Beauty of Creating Your Reality Through Space and Wisdom(formerly known as Space,Seniority, Neutrality and Spiritual Fuel.

    We create our reality through our aura. What energies we hold in our aura create our reality. In this class we explore what conditions in the aura generate events in the physical world. Specifically, we will explore how desires and ideas come to fuel specific outcomes.

    There are two basic components to the creation of an event through our aura. They are, 1) How much of the space in a person’s aura is conditioned or colored by a particular intensity of emotion 2) given shape and direction by his or her ideas and spiritual will.

    In exploring how events are created in the aura, we explore how are aura becomes so fragmented that there isn’t enough space available to allow our emotions to manifest; or how our emotions and ideas become so conditioned and fragmented that they don’t sufficiently fuel our true spiritual fuel the manifestation of our desires.

    We then develop specific impulses, our authentic desires and ideas. We learn how, using our growing clairvoyant awareness, to create or stop creating:
    *seniority (i.e. how does an aura space get colored by an energy)
    *resistance ( does a person become enmeshed in the very things he or she seeks to avoid) and
    *authenticity (i.e.the ability to engage the world with less of the pain generating programming and fragmentation and with more of a playful, kind and generous openness to life as it is.)
    This is the wisdom which leads to happiness.

    This is a large update of the previous Level 2 class and is considered a new class.

  3. Marjane says:

    Foundations in Psychic Development III: Seeing Auras
    In this 2 day seminar we will explore the psychic anatomy of clairvoyance (clairvoyance is seeing auras); how to activate and empower this perception; and several ways to use this ability in making decisions, in healing oneself and others, and in deepening one’s understanding of oneself and others. We will then move to actually doing comprehensive, systematic psychic readings in partnership with fellow students. Even in the beginning, students surprise themselves with how much they perceive. Though fully developing clairvoyance can take years, participants usually find they can easily increase their ability to perceive genuinely useful aura energies in just this one weekend, and that they are well started on the adventure of a lifetime.

  4. admin says:

    Have you thought about binaural Beats, Monaural Beats and isochronic tones for the unexplainable store?

  5. Marjane says:

    Foundations in Psychic Development IV: Channeling
    Learn the clairvoyant mechanics of skillful channeling — how to prepare your space for channeling by running an ever clearer white light vibration while still owning and governing who and what occupies your space. This requires clearing psychic agreements, karma, and thought forms that distort both ordinary awareness and channeling.

  6. Marjane says:

    One Day Meditation Seminar
    Basic Psychic Development is both engaging and informative, and offers the newcomer to Psychic Energy a clear explanation of our spiritual anatomy as well as a workable plan for awakening Higher Awareness. I recommend it for anyone who is serious about using all of his or her potential to live a creative and meaningful life.

  7. Marjane says:

    Advanced Weekend Meditation Retreat
    Four times a year we have advanced seminars. In them, we explore what can be accomplished by focusing on any particular energy for extended periods. Meditators not only learn to sustain their attention on chakra keys to unlock psychic abilities, but also undertake advanced explorations such as using one’s clairvoyance to activate and run one’s kundalini. Consequently, large, long term transformations are facilitated.

    In the Advanced Weekend Meditation Retreat we build on what we’ve learned in past advanced seminars and continue learning more technical information on the chakras and other related areas.

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